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January thaw?

Modern 961 Norton Commando Motorcycles

Re: January thaw?

Postby Fast Eddie » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:43 pm

NortonFactoryUK wrote:
Fast Eddie wrote:Does the oil light indicate low oil level, or low oil pressure?

Low Oil Pressure

Thanks for clarifying Simon.

Reason for asking is that low oil level (within reason) is nothing to panic about.

Whereas low oil pressure clearly is something to panic about, well, at least take seriously and deal with urgently !
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Re: January thaw?

Postby TonyA » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:24 am

I would suggest that those having concerns about oil pressure should check their oil pressure hot and cold. The type of oil you are using can matter also . It may be just a pressure switch or try a different brand of oil. A lower viscosity oil (still 10w40 grade) , may be harder for the pump to maintain the required amount of oil pressure especially hot , at low rpm !

Service manual reads :

Relief Valve opens : 400 kpa
Pressure : @ 8000 RPM 130 deg. C 10w40 oil 300 kpa
Pressure : @ 1000 RPM 130 deg. C 10w40 oil 150 kpa

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Re: January thaw?

Postby BPHORSEGUY » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:07 am

Tony, That's good to know! I am still using the factory recommended Silkolene 10-40. I just freaked out because I never saw that lite on a ride and I used to check the oil level after every single ride religiously. I now find myself glancing at the gauges a lot when my eyes should be on the road!

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Re: January thaw?

Postby Fast Eddie » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:49 am

Silkolene you say...

I used to use that, then one quite hot (by middle England standards that is) track day at Mallory Park on my Harrier (988cc BSA Rocket 3 engine built at great expense) I came in from a session and noticed the oil pressure light flickering on tick over.

I was gutted as this usually means a fully bottom end rebuild is in order on these engines and it really hadn't done many miles since its very expensive rebuild and upgrade.

I checked the switch, but sadly it was fine.

As a last resort, I changed out the Silkolene oil and re-filled with Redline which I had bought to try out in another bike.

The oil light was extinguished for good and the bike went on to serve some very hard use for me and two subsequent owners.

I have since read about Silkolene losing its viscosity quickly on other forums.

I realise it is the recommended oil, but it may well be worth experimenting with something else if you're having similar issues.

All of my old bikes have been on Redline ever since.
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Re: January thaw?

Postby Britfan60 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:27 pm

BPHORSEGUY wrote:Oil pressure is created by the oil pump not heat. As to your lites it could be the voltage regulator or a bad connection or something got wet.
The cages don't see us in good visibility what made you go out in fog?????

Was a little cloudy when I left the house, but high forties temps. I live on Long Island. The fog can roll in quite quickly, especially near the beach. Actually, riding in the fog, things, including myself, get wet. I'll check my connections. Had the headlamp off not to long ago. May have jogged something but everything was nice and bright on the latter part of my trip (and away from the fog) As for the digital display, that's been going on in fine weather even during the summer. The first time that happened, someone on this forum mentioned it could be signs of a weak battery. That was two years ago and right after I picked the bike up from a seven month stay at the dealership off a tender. I put it on the tender, rode the bike, it didn't happen again. Then, the bike stayed at the dealership for another whole winter plus, (another 6 months?) off the tender. So it started to reset and freeze this past summer and happens every trip by now. I'm wondering if my battery has been getting beat up at the dealership and the bike is on its third year. It starts right up, no slow cranking so..........
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Re: January thaw?

Postby richard-7 » Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:29 am

Thats a great point Ralphi. Also, make sure there is sponge in the lid of your fuse box so fuses cannot vibrate out. Some pre-2014 models this was once in a while missed by factory employees.
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