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Enfields in the Island

Enfields in the Island

Postby Snotzo » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:15 pm

For the 2017 Classic Senior TT in the Isle of Man, Steve Linsdell has both his sons, Oliver and David, riding Royal Enfield Bullets in the race.
In practice, Oliver set what must surely be an all time fastest timed speed for a single cylinder 500 cc machine, of 140.1 mph through the Sulby timed section.
This was the third fastest timed machine in the session, the two machines that were quicker were both Patons.

What may possibly surprise many is the fact that very limited development was done using a dyno, a rolling road was only used to enable a fresh engine to be run in prior to travelling to the Island, and also to optimise the ignition advance, and find a basic setting for the carburetion.
Perhaps even more surprising is the cylinder head has never been anywhere near a flow bench !

Steve has been an almost fanatical Enfield enthusiast, and started his own racing career back in the 70's, riding a 350 Bullet, and then a 500 Meteor, both benefitting from his efforts to make them go faster.
He eventually switched to the 500 Bullet, and his life ambition was finally realised when on a Bullet he developed himself he lapped the Isle of Man circuit at over 100 mph, the first time a British 500 cc single cylinder pushrod engined machine had ever done so.

While Oliver is riding the latest development machine, brother David is riding the same machine on which his father made his record lap, and back home under a dust sheet is the original Linsdell Bullet.

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Re: Enfields in the Island

Postby Onder » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:23 pm

...and of course Steve still has the real S3 "800" Interceptor.
Amazing stuff for sure.

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