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Domiracer rockers and eccentric adjusters.

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Re: Domiracer rockers and eccentric adjusters.

Postby N0rt0nelectr@ » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:43 pm

Purity Vendetta wrote:It would seem that, by the nature of the eccentric adjuster spindle design, the four pipe feed system would be the easiest route if a little untidy. I do rather favour the setup illustrated in the Motorcycle News, June 1961. It not only looks good but it looks a far better solution to the issue of incorporating any necessary reducing jets. Sorry I have no idea how to upload pictures and computers aren't really my thing. I've had a go at posting a link to an online source below...


I'm planning to go to forced cam oiling using a 6 start pump and an oilway running through the cam and exiting on the rising side of the lobes.

I do have the illustration by Bill Bennett pubilshed in Motorcycle Racing of the Domiracer motor. I'm not sure of the date but judging by the title, 'Why the Domi-Racer dream ended', I guess it's probably a mid 60's article. Very interesting but obviously lacking the fine detail necessary. Short of a miracle I will be using an 88SS crank (with a modification of my own) as the 1.6" big end cranks are obviously as rare as hens teeth and the con rods even rarer, neither of which I have the means to produce. I have exciting some about barrels but I can say no more... As for a set of GP carbs I will have to save up and call in some contacts as I don't believe that the correct bore size is produced new any more. I suppose a set of new 1 1/2" carbs could be sleeved down. My motor currently runs a set of 1 1/8" handed monoblocs and does fuel very well.

I'm very grateful for the help I've already received from some generous and interesting people who've stepped in with their help and knowledge. Without them and one person in particular I wouldn't even be able to consider a project like this.

That said I'm still interested in any and all Domiracer information anyone has lurking as I think this was a very underrated project which, as has been said elsewhere, could have been far more successful if it had been allowed to continue. Their also seems to have been rather a lot of versions of what I would recognise as Domiracers (Lowboy frame, Manx wheels and forks etc) as well as Manx and wideline framed bikes built after the Bracebridge St race shop closed in 62. I suppose with the project being so short lived it's not really surprising there is so little reliable information. I am going over to the VMCC library at Allen House but I've been told that they might not have much information either. Anything is worth a try.

To bad Heinz has passed away. He was a fountain of knowledge on Domiracers he owned and raced one from new until just before he passed away. I have wondered who got his bike and parts. I do know he was looking into oiling the lifters through the cam from the breather hole and a drilling through the cam to the lobes. Not sure he ever finished that project.

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