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AMC gearbox cam plate question

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AMC gearbox cam plate question

Postby AgentX » Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:27 am

Hi everyone-

Have a question regarding the cam plate fixing screw on my 65 Matchless G15-CS. I swapped the cam plate for a reversing plate from Norvil so that the shift pattern matches my other bike.

However, the spindle bolt from my original plate does not fit the new one. Was there a change in the thread at some point?

Been looking through online parts manuals and I see two part numbers from the Norvil site: 040136 for the spindle bolt (which I believe to be the bolt from my old camplate, since it also fits my quadrant and 040136 is spec'd for both) and 023480 for the spindle bolt for the upright gearbox (for a single, per Norvil's site.). Not finding much browsing other parts lists looking for answers.

Gonna call Norvil tomorrow but thought I would see if anyone else knew what part I needed in the meantime... appreciate any advice on such a small detail.


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